Friday, June 17, 2011

My Oscar Mayer Kraft First Taste

I recently had the opportunity through Kraft First Taste to try the new Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Combo and Sandwich combo for free! I love it when I get to provide feedback when I really loved the product. This was definitely the case with the new Oscar Mayer Lunch Breaks.

I purchased the turkey and honey ham deli meat combo and they were both really good. My only complaint might be that the turkey was sliced a little too thin which made it difficult to pull apart. I was able to make 4 sandwiches from the package, but I tend to be a little heavy handed when it comes to lunch meat. I liked this deli meat so much that I purchased some the next week when I went grocery shopping. If you like to mix it up a little, I definitely recommend the new Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Combo!

The Sandwich Combo was equally as good to me, but in my case since I no longer work outside the home it is not something I would purchase often. The sandwich kit came with round flat bread, Oscar Mayer chicken deli meat, a slice of cheddar cheese, packet of spicy mustard, Wheat Thins and Jello Chocolate Mousse and a plastic spoon. Really, it is everything you need for lunch on the go. For me, the highlight of this combo was probably the chocolate mousse since it was a product I have not tried before. I am now officially hooked! Priced $3 at my Wal Mart, I think this is a great alternative to the fast food run on your lunch break. It would also be great to take to the park with the kids.  

Overall, I was very satisfied with both products and appreciate that Kraft First Taste gave me the opportunity to try them. You can sign up for the Kraft First Taste program here to have your own taste test opportunities!

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