Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Is True Blood Worth Paying $16 A Month for HBO?

I find myself in a dilemma this week. Last season I let myself get hooked on the show True Blood, while I had a free 3 month trial of HBO through my satellite provider. I cancelled HBO after the trial offer to avoid billing $16 per month. We live on a pretty tight budget and do not afford many luxuries like paid movie channels.

This past weekend our satellite provider gave us HBO free for the weekend, which just happened to be the same weekend of the True Blood season premiere. They hooked me again! I have between now and Sunday to decide if I am willing to pay $16 per month just to watch True Blood.

Do I bite the bullet and allow myself this one indulgence?

None of my friends or local family has HBO, so I cannot go somewhere else to watch it.

Is there a way to watch True Blood online that I do not know about?

I have a few days left to ponder this decision and would appreciate your input!

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