Friday, May 13, 2011

Get Coupons By Mail

There are several ways to get coupons by mail and free product vouchers. I don’t like to rely on just the coupons from my weekly newspaper inserts and printable online coupons. I have not ventured into electronic coupons on my smart phone yet. Although, it is something I plan to check into very soon.

One of my favorite sources is by requesting free samples. Most samples come with high value coupons. So although it may not seem worth your while to request a sample size of a product, you are getting much more than that with the coupon. There are a lot of good sample sights to be found out there on the internet and on Face Book.

Another great way to get coupons by mail is to contact companies directly. Most company’s web sites have ‘Contact Us’ links that you can use to send them an email, making it very easy. It is best to send a short email telling them what you like about their product. Complaint emails will not get your very far and it is not recommended that you request coupons. Most companies will send you a letter thanking you for your comments along with some coupons. I have received some really good coupons following this method, including some coupons for free products.      

You can request samples and coupon books from PG&E by visiting their web site

SheSpeaks is a forum to provide your product opinions. I have been fortunate to participate and receive free full size product samples of Allouette Cheese Spread, Cascade Action Packs, and Johnsonville Italian Sausage to sample.  You can visit to register.

Kraft First Taste is another great way to get free products. With Kraft First Taste, you get to be the first to try new products. I recently received a free bag of Kraft Naturals Cheese With A Touch of Philly and just got a double offer for Oscar Mayer products.  Visit to register.

I just recently registered at to provide product reviews and as an AllYou Reality Checker and will let you know how these work out. Also, All You Magazine has great coupons each month. You can register with the online version of the magazine to receive daily freebie updates.

Publix has a few coupon clubs you can register for. As a member you will receive coupons and special offers, maybe even samples by mail. You can visit to register for the Family Style Magazine, Baby Club and Pet Club. 

As you now see, there are many ways to get coupons by mail. You don’t have to use up all of your printer’s ink printing coupons or buy so many newspapers each week.

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